My Dear Warrior

My Dear Warrior

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Other name: มหัศจรรย์รักข้ามกระดาษ Mahatsajan Ruk Karm Gradart

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance


Sky is a beautiful single female astronomer at a planetarium and has received a gift: a thick wooden-covered book and magic pen from Vanda, her aunt who has been taking care of Sky since childhood and is a crazy writer who is suffering from amnesia. Vanda is the author of a cartoon story about a warrior and Sky ends up falling in love with the cartoon character named Hoshi - the handsome hero warrior, who's intelligent and kind. On the night of Sky's birthday, she wishes to get love from a man like Hoshi, fulfilled in a prayer. Hoshi and the beautiful princess Luna - Hoshi's girlfriend - along with the rival Cairo suddenly drop out of a comic book. The story of chaos and romantic love begins. Is love possible between humans and cartoons?
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