King Naresuan 5

King Naresuan 5

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Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Action, Crime


Unable to break into Ayuthaya, the Hongsawadee army, led by King Nanda Bayin (Jakkrit Ammarat) and Prince Upparaja (Napatsakorn Mitraim), is camping across the river. When King Naresuan (Wanchana “Bird” Sawasdee) makes a surprise naval attack one morning and triumphs in battle, Nanda Bayin is left with severe burns and his troops forced to retreat to their kingdom. Angry, Bayin beats up Princess Supankanlaya, the daughter of Ayuthaya’s King Thammaraja, who is held as a hostage in Hongsawadee. The King doesn’t cope well with the news and soon passes away, leaving Prince Naresuan to assume the crown. As the Hongsawadee army moves ever closer, the new king prepares for battle, which leads up to a historical elephant duel that defines his kingdom’s independence.
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